Building drainage by means of the sawing process

We guarantee efficient building drainage and prevention of capillary moisture.

We use the PRINZ technology which involves installation of a new layer of horizontal insulation by means of the sawing process in damp walls. We provide the service in case of family houses, tenement buildings as well as historic buildings. We provide 30-year warranty.

Installation of new horizontal waterproofing in existing buildings

Factors initiating destructive processes and causing the most threats in construction facilities are: water, moisture, salts, acids and principles that cause all kinds of mold, fungi, salted erosions and erosions of walls. They occur in rain, snow, fog, or in groundwater and destroy, among others foundations of buildings, walls and other parts of overground and underground construction facilities.

Incorrectly placed or damaged horizontal insulation of foundation walls, or complete absence of such insulation, leads to capillary action of groundwater. Using micro canals, water particles migrate to the areas with lower moisture content. Rising damp is the cause of technical degradation, the result of which are salt deposits, falling off of plaster, or damage of foundation walls and walls of higher floors. It is of utmost importance to stop this process.

There are various – more or less effective – chemical, mechanical or gravitomagnetic methods which secure against rising damp. During renovation, installation of horizontal insulation by means of cutting a building’s walls is very important. The works which are conducted in a professional manner ensure 100% protection against the action of capillary moisture.

We invite renovation and construction companies to cooperate with us. We provide machines, insulation materials and know-how.

Narrow specialization as a path to success! In selected regions, we encourage construction companies to cooperate with us in the field of building wall drainage and join the network of PRINZ partner companies. After purchasing the equipment and insulation materials, the partner company receives free inquiries and orders from the headquarters, from the area of its operation. In return, it is obliged to order spare parts for machines and insulation materials from PRINZ Polska.

We disseminate PRINZ wall drainage technology throughout the Europe, including participation in most important industry events and meetings with architects and designers. A customer who contacts us with an inquiry or order regarding wall drying is referred to a partner company operating in a given area. More details can be found at the link below. We will be happy to discuss the terms of cooperation in the field of horizontal insulation during a direct meeting.

Building drainage method – technology

There is no doubt that effective renovation and dehumidification of damp and salted buildings are a complicated process that usually requires many studies and knowledge of available technologies. To ensure optimal selection for a given case of wall drainage and ensure permanent reduction in humidity to the permissible level – each case should be treated individually. Deciding on PRINZ technology, you choose a method for the slightest dependent on “external” factors such as: wall structure, accuracy of drilling in injection methods, electromagnetic interference or lack of power. PRINZ method is a simple and most effective method of drying the building!

PRINZ wall drainage technology are 100% guarantee to get rid of the capillary moisture problem in single-family houses, tenement houses and antique facilities.

PRINZ Polska offers drying walls of buildings by undercutting and establishing a new horizontal waterproofing in existing walls. The introduction of a new damp proof insulation layer causes a permanent and complete interruption of capillary pulling. The problem with moistured walls is gone once and for all! There is no need to repeat and renew the insulation layer after a few years, which we often deal with in methods competing to PRINZ.

Foundation drainage by means of cutting – insulation materials, machines and accessories

For over thirty years, we have been producing machines, auxiliary equipment and tools for a professional, efficient and economic performance of insulating works. Effective horizontal insulation of the building is not only a professional workmanship, but also the quality of insulating materials used: insulating boards, wedges and concrete additive. The materials that we use are produced strictly for our technology and provide permanent and secure insulation of building with the problem of moist walls.

Drainage of buildings with PRINZ machines is fast and efficient – for example, a single-family house with dimensions of 10 x 10 m, with a wall thickness of 0,5 m (about 20 square meters in total) is insulated in about 3 working days. We also offer smaller machines with which you can conduct wall drainage on your own, without the help of a partner company – please contact us for detailed information.

Wall drainage in existing buildings

Drying walls in the PRINZ technology is a simple and transparent method, without tricks or small print annotations – always as effective, regardless of the degree of moisture or wall thickness. The implementation of PRINZ horizontal insulation also means no service tests or wall moisture measurements after the order is completed. If you are interested, see the videos presenting method step-by-step:

Historical cities attract crowds of tourists from around the world. Old Town, historic markets, churches, tenement houses, palaces, castles and monuments talk about the past and are our cultural and material heritage. We should do everything to care and save them for future generations. A poorly carried out renovations and the use of improper materials may cause more trouble than to bring benefits and contribute to solving problems. So you have to find a compromise that, on the one hand, will solve, and not to hide the problems, and on the other hand, it will mean acceptable costs for the owner and will ensure a permanent effect of the procedures carried out.

Wall drainage – cutting using carbide tipped saw chains

Wall drainage – cutting using diamond wire


Having completed horizontal insulation using the PRINZ method and after natural drying of a wall, the problem linked with capillary moisture will never come back – we provide 30-year-long warranty for our services, but in practice it means until the end of the building’s technical durability.

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