Building drainage by means of the sawing process

We guarantee efficient building drainage and prevention of capillary moisture.

We use the PRINZ technology which involves installation of a new layer of horizontal insulation by means of the sawing process in damp walls. We provide the service in case of family houses, tenement buildings as well as historic buildings. We provide 30-year warranty.

We invite to cooperation repair and construction companies. We provide machines, insulation materials and required know-how.

Technology of installing new layers of horizontal hydro-insulation in existing buildings


Incorrectly placed or damaged horizontal insulation of foundation walls, or complete absence of such insulation, leads to capillary action of groundwater. Using micro canals, water particles migrate to the areas with lower moisture content. Rising damp is the cause of technical degradation, the result of which are salt deposits, falling off of plaster, or damage of foundation walls and walls of higher floors. It is of utmost importance to stop this process.

There are various – more or less effective – chemical, mechanical or gravitomagnetic methods which secure against rising damp. During renovation, installation of horizontal insulation by means of cutting a building's walls is very important. The works which are conducted in a professional manner ensure 100% protection against the action of capillary moisture.

Cutting using carbide tipped saw chains

Cutting using diamond rope

More information about technology, cooperation with construction companies


Having completed horizontal insulation using the PRINZ method and after natural drying of a wall, the problem linked with capillary moisture will never come back – we provide 30-year-long warranty for our services, but in practice it means until the end of the building's technical durability.


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