Devices and additional tools

Concrete injection pumps, tables to cut insulation plate, tools to clean gaps after cutting are devices, which are necessary when you carry out various building activities, especially while renovating buildings and laying horizontal insulation.

Screw injection pump BMP6


Screw injection pump BMP6, do cement grout – grain up to 2,5mm , used for buildings renovation, necessary while filling the gap after laying new horizontal insulation using the cutting method.

  • voltage: 230 V, 50 Hz, 1,8 kW
  • safety switch: 16A
  • working pressure: 4-5 bar, max. 20 bar
  • efficiency: approx. 6l/min (0,5 – 14 l/min)
  • tank: 30l
  • dimensions (mm): 760/550/1010
  • weight: 29 kg
  • remote motor start (on cable)
  • three parts easy dismantle

Sharpening machine JOLLY for carbide tipped chains


Simple and manual operation, precise polishing. Engine with the grinding wheel is lowered at a proper angle. Precise adjustment of angles.

230 V / 0,23 kW / 50 Hz / 2800 rpm / 7,5 kg

Table to cut insulation sheets

stol do folii

Table to cut insulation sheets, especially polyester sheets reinforced with glass fibre.

Riveting and unriveting device

praska nitownica

Devices for easy repair of saw chains: riveting and unriveting.

Device to clean gaps after cutting

noz do czyszczenia szczeliny

Device to clean gaps after cutting, different lengths (100 and 150cm).

Tool to drive wedges

dobijak do klinow

Tool to drive wedges into gaps.

Diamond scribers and scissors


Diamond scribers and scissors to cut foil.

Why choose PRINZ wall drainage technology?


We provide 30-year warranty for our services.


Our method guarantees 100% cut-off of capillary moisture – the problem does not return until the end of technical life of the building.


The method can be used in most of the buildings, regardless of wall moisture level and thickness.

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