Why choose PRINZ technology?

Wall drainage by means of the sawing process

Why choose PRINZ wall drainage technology?

  • permanent and immediate elimination of capillary moisture is ensured directly after the service has been provided.
  • if the method is carried out professionally, it guarantees 100% protection against capillary moisture until the end of technical life of a building.
  • horizontal insulation is made of thick and massive polyethylene boards or polyester reinforced fiberglass boards, which are resistant to damage and various chemical compounds present in the walls; additionally, they do not corrode.
  • irrespective of the construction material and the degree of moistness of the building walls, the same insulation materials are used, which protect against moisture completely and in all circumstances.
  • the PRINZ technology does not affect the statics and settling of the structure. Properly selected linear speed of cutting machines and slow movements do not generate significant vibrations when undercutting. Cutting in metre segments and suitable wedging prevent the building from settling. Moreover, the problems with the cracking of walls are eliminated. The method is completely safe for the building. All defects in the walls are replenished with mortar injected under the pressure of 4-5 bars, with the use of auxiliary agents causing, among others, mortar expansion when setting.
  • compared to other techniques of drying, the effectiveness of this method is not affected by factors such as electromagnetic interference or potential energy failures. It is not necessary to perform further maintenance tests and examine the degree of moistness.
  • quick and efficient provision of the service e.g. installing new horizontal insulation in a single-family house with dimensions of 10 x 10 m and wall thickness of 0.5 m (approximately 20 m2 wall surface in total) takes about 3 working days.
  • the fixed cost of the service is calculated on the basis of one square metre of insulated wall surface, regardless of its thickness or degree of moistness.

The application of the method guarantees:

  • complete cutting off of capillary rise of underground water, which leads to automatic drying of walls with simultaneous elimination of other causes of moistness and ensuring proper ventilation of rooms,
  • improvement of building’s microclimate,
  • reduction of heat loss, 
  • elimination of the necessity to carry out regular repairs and refurbishment of walls, plaster work and paint coating.


  • we guarantee that all works are carried out in a professional and reliable way by well-trained personnel who, before commencing any activities, perform diagnostic tests in order to determine the reason of moistness,
  • we guarantee that after the application of the PRINZ method of horizontal insulation and natural drying of your walls above the insulation performed the problem with capillary moisture will not return until the end of the technical life of an object,
  • we provide 30 years of warranty on all the services provided.

Certified machines and materials used when carrying out insulation are manufactured by Austrian company PRINZ GmbH.

For 30 years, PRINZ Polska has been the general representative of PRINZ GmbH on the Central and Eastern European markets.

Why choose PRINZ wall drainage technology?


We provide 30-year warranty for our services.


Our method guarantees 100% cut-off of capillary moisture – the problem does not return until the end of technical life of the building.


The method can be used in most of the buildings, regardless of wall moisture level and thickness.

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