Complete insulation system with REMMERS

Combination of horizontal and vertical insulation for comprehensive protection of building

In order to connect properly the PRINZ horizontal waterproofing with the vertical insulation, we offer a proven, effective and durable method using REMMERS products, including MB2K. It is a flexible polymer thick film coating (FPD). It combines the properties of a flexible, mineral sealing grount (MDS) (general test certificate: P-5344/081/14 MPA-BS) and a thick bitumen coating (PMBC) – test report in accordance with EN 15814.


PRINZ insulation materials in combination with REMMERS products provide comprehensive protection of the building against moisture.

a) filling the joint with cement mortar with additives
b) bonding layer: priming the substrate with Remmers Kiesol 1:1 with water + Remmers WP Sulfatex waterproofing grout
c) leveling layer: Remmers WP DS Levell
d) bonding layer: Remmers MB 2K
e) MB 2K  mortar with Selectmix RMS quartz sand
f) vertical waterproofing from the outside: 2x Remmers WP Sulfatex
g) renovation plaster system:
– rendering – Remmers SP Prep
– salt storing plaster – Remmers SP Levell*
– renovation plaster – Remmers SP Top white

* optional in the case of high salinity of the wall


MB2K product specification

Basepolymer binder, cement, additives, special fillers
Reaction to fireClass E (DIN EN 13501-1)
Bulk density of fresh mortarapprox. 1,0 kg/dm3
Crack-bridging≥ 3 mm (with a dry layer ≥ 3 mm thick)
Layer thickness1,1 mm thick wet layer produces approx. 1 mm thick dry layer
Cross-slit pressure testspassed, even without a layer of reinforcement
Water vapour diffusion resistanceµ = 1755
Water impermeabilitytested up to an 8 m water column
The stated values represent typical product characteristics and are not to be construed as binding product specifications.

MB2K scope of application

  • Rapid waterproofing
  • Waterproofing in and underneath walls
  • WTA-compliant retroactive waterproofing
  • Can be applied > 3 m below ground
  • Approved for connecting to water impermeable concrete structures
  • Waterproofing of plinths and base points
  • Waterproofing in a bond
  • Bonding layer on old bitumen coatings
  • Repair of flat roof waterproofing on roofs of structures which are not habitations

MB2K basic properties

  • Very good adhesion, also on non-mineral substrates such as plastics, metals, etc. Proven effectiveness of connection with PRINZ insulation plates
  • Tested on crack formation of greater than 3 mm (according to DIN EN 14891)
  • Complete drying and cross-linking occur rapidly, after just 18 hours
  • Meets the test requirements for PMBC
  • Radon-tight (verified through testing)
  • Solvent-free
  • Bitumen-free
  • Water pressure tight
  • High tensile adhesion strength
  • Excellent adhesion on non-mineral substrates (e.g. plastics, metals)
  • Can be covered after a very short time (≥ 4h)
  • UV-resistant
  • Freeze/thaw-resistant
  • Can be plastered and painted over
  • Can be applied as a grout, with a brush or trowel, or by spraying

Why choose PRINZ wall drainage technology?


We provide 30-year warranty for our services.


Our method guarantees 100% cut-off of capillary moisture – the problem does not return until the end of technical life of the building.


The method can be used in most of the buildings, regardless of wall moisture level and thickness.

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