DIATEC / 3,4 kW
electric saw for cutting harder materials

  • for cutting hard materials: concrete, reinforced concrete, stone
  • for rectangular cuts (windows, doors)

Professional saw equipped with single-phased electric motor and diamond chain for cutting stone, concrete, reinforced concrete. Soft start lowers the saw chain tensions. Light construction – 9kg and simple, one man operation. Machine can be used in tight rooms.

Technical data
Saw typeelectric hand saw, single-phased
Applicationcutting of concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, hard bricks with thicknes max. 35 cm
Motorelectric 230V / 50 Hz / 6150 rpm, power transmission – gear drive
Power3,4 kW
Chain typediamond
Guide barsolid steel, high frequency hardened
Length of guide bar30 / 35 cm
Efficiency of cutting
Weightwith saw chain and guide bar 35cm – 9,5 kg
Dimensionsapprox. 850 x 240 x 260mm (L x W x H) – with guide bar 35cm
  • soft start
  • electronic clutch
DIATEC konstrukcja
One man transportation, montage and handling while cutting concrete, reinforced concrete, stone, brick.
Dustless, impactless and safe work.
Specially designed diamond chains contributes easy work of the saw and perfect effects of cutting.
DIATEC prostokątne
Completely rectangular cuts in walls with thickness up to 35 cm.
DIATEC warunki
Any condition work, also inside buildings - no exhausts emission , small dimensions and lightness.


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