Guide: Moisture in the apartment – what can be the cause?

28 Jul, 23
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Moisture in the apartment – what can be the cause?

The appearance of moisture in an apartment or a single-family house is a sign that it is necessary to take action. Nevertheless, its nature should depend on the cause. Therefore, it is worth knowing why there is moisture in the apartment. We present the main reasons for this phenomenon.

Why moisture in the house – leaky construction

One of the reasons why there is moisture in the apartment is leaks. They can appear in windows or doors, and even in the facade, if we are talking about older objects. Moist air enters the interior through these gaps, and the water vapor suspended in it begins to settle on the walls and all objects inside. The increased amount of water vapor in all conditions increases the level of moisture to some extent, but depending on the circumstances, the risk may be greater or smaller, which is discussed in more detail later in the text.

Another answer to the question of what causes moisture in the apartment is getting inside not only moist air, but also water itself. Especially when it comes to a leaky roof. The danger then appears mainly after heavy rainfall. Even if the leak is small enough that the ingress of water does not threaten flooding, precisely because of the increase in the level of moisture, it is worth patching the hole as soon as possible.

Why is there moisture in the apartment – improper ventilation

When trying to guess why there is moisture in the house, it is essential to check the ventilation. Proper air circulation in the facility is essential to maintain the desired level of humidity. Otherwise, the residual water vapor begins to settle on the surfaces. Therefore, we recommend calling a specialist to check the ventilation duct and the proper functioning of individual elements of the system. It often turns out that this action ends the search for an answer to the question of what causes moisture in the apartment. On the other hand, the action solving the problem is to repair the ventilation, or possibly to insert a room fan.

What causes moisture in the apartment – incorrect insulation of the walls

An unobvious cause of dampness in the house is capillary action. We are talking about the process of water penetrating up the walls. The occurrence of the phenomenon is possible provided that two conditions are met:

  • there was water in the ground or in the basement,
  • wall insulation is leaky.

Capillary rise occurs as a result of the appearance of excess water in the ground, or its accumulation in the basement, for example due to flooding. However, proper insulation of the walls prevents the penetration of water molecules. Unfortunately, in older buildings it is often heavily exploited, and in newer ones, waterproofing is often poorly made. The discussed phenomenon means the need for a specialized treatment, such as the process of drying by undercutting carried out by our company. If you suspect dampness in your home, it is worth calling professionals who know how to check the dampness in the apartment, including in the walls, and then can efficiently get rid of the problem.

Where does the moisture in the apartment come from – damaged installation

Moisture in an apartment or a single-family house can come from various sources. Another is damage to the water system. Even a small leak is a serious threat if water gets into the walls. There is a risk of mold growth, which has a very negative impact on the health of tenants. Therefore, when analyzing where the moisture in the apartment comes from, it is worth looking at the installations, especially if they are old.

Why does moisture come out in the apartment – cooling the interior

Another argument for why there is moisture in the apartment may be its cooling down. The lower the room temperature, the higher the relative humidity. Some of the water molecules suspended in the air settle on walls or furniture.

Why is there moisture in the house – the importance of the answer for choosing the type of intervention

We explained why moisture in the apartment appears in the air and in the walls. It is worth having this knowledge to be able to identify the source of the problem. Being aware of why there is moisture in your home is important for choosing the right method to solve the problem. Of course, it’s also crucial to know how to check for moisture in your home, both in terms of whether it’s present at all and how serious the problem is. However, for this purpose, you can always simply call the professionals.