Guide: How to check the level of humidity in the apartment?

07 Jul, 23

How to check the level of humidity in the apartment?

Moisture levels can rise in any apartment. Sometimes there is also an excessive decrease, which also has a number of negative consequences. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to check whether there is moisture in the apartment and determine its exact level. You will learn the answers to these questions by reading the text below. Learn how to identify the problem and make sure your measurements are reliable.

Why should you check humidity?

Too low or too high level of humidity in the apartment means a decrease in the comfort of residents, and also poses a threat to health. It is estimated that the optimum moisture level is between 40 and 60%. It is also worth considering the fact that excessive moisture favors the growth of mold, as well as bacteria and viruses. At the same time, many factors can cause fluctuations in the level of moisture, so constant control of this parameter is highly recommended.

How to check if there is moisture in the apartment – first an inspection

The first, most general analysis of the situation can be carried out by simple inspection, as well as by using the other senses. The following signals indicate the presence of moisture in the room:

  • water droplets settling on the windows,
  • the presence of stains of unknown origin on the walls,
  • stains on the ceiling,
  • unpleasant smell in the room,
  • difficulty drying the laundry.

Each of the above-mentioned signals should prompt further diagnostic activities. So, how to check the humidity in the apartment to be sure about its level? More on that later in the text.

How to check the humidity in the apartment, i.e. a hygrometer test

Are you wondering how to check if there is moisture in the apartment and what exactly is its level? It turns out quite simple. It is enough to equip yourself with the right equipment, such as a hygrometer (moisture meter). By definition, it is a device that measures the level of air humidity, but it often has additional functions, also providing information about such parameters as:

  • pressure,
  • air temperature,
  • dew point temperature,
  • moisture content of solid materials.

The more professional the equipment, the more measurements it takes. Nevertheless, the most advanced devices, both in terms of the number of functionalities and the accuracy of measurements, are expensive equipment, available mainly to professionals. An amateur moisture meter mainly measures relative humidity. Therefore, it provides useful information that allows you to know the answer to the question about the presence of moisture and its possible excess. On this basis, it is already possible to decide on the implementation of dehumidifiers, moisture absorbers, heaters or fans. However, before starting more advanced activities, it is worth making a more detailed analysis and determining the exact value of the humidity level. This will allow you to decide on the optimal procedure. Therefore, we recommend calling professionals who have specialized equipment and know how to check the humidity in the apartment, obtaining very accurate information on this subject.

How to check the moisture stuck in the walls?

Sometimes moisture is undetectable in the air, even though it is in the walls, which is also a big problem due to the risk of moisture development and, consequently, the growth of mold and other consequences. However, how to check if there is moisture in the apartment, if measuring its level in the air does not provide reliable answers? A specialized hygrometer can be used to measure the moisture content of solid materials. An alternative solution is to use the carbide method. For this purpose, it is necessary to collect from a few to a dozen or so samples of the material and test them for the level of moisture. This allows you to get the most accurate results, which makes it easier to make further decisions.

You already know how to check the humidity in the apartment and that it is not always easy. There is no doubt that the control of this parameter is important both for the good of the facility and its users. Therefore, it is not worth delaying the examination of the air and walls, it is best to entrust this task to specialists.